We understand the complexities of managing a growing business and we make sure that we thoroughly understand all of their distinctive features. We lead each new client along a simple process to ensure his or her success. André Hurtubise - associate
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Gestcom specializes in the contracting of these services:

  • Appointment / reservation booking
  • Internet email support
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support
  • Automated solutions (IVR)
  • CRM database management
  • Direct sales, telemarketing to existing and prospective customers
  • Technical support

Customer service may include:

  • Direct and complementary sales
  • Surveys
  • Consumer loyalty development
  • Customer retention

Email management

  • Our technology ensures that your email is managed effectively
  • Validation of email requests
  • Automated email response system
  • Forwarding of each request to the appropriate persons
  • Report reading and follow-up

Business services

  • To facilitate the growth of your sales, our agents will help you with highly specific objectives
  • Developing your existing customer base
  • Retention of this customer base
  • Increasing customer base
  • Fast and effective ROI