We understand the complexities of managing a growing business and we make sure that we thoroughly understand all of their distinctive features. We lead each new client along a simple process to ensure his or her success.André Hurtubise - Associate
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About Us

Our client contact centre provides support for companies in the area of sales and customer support. We offer tried and tested solutions in the area of client contact management from our new centre located in a prestige building in downtown St-Jérôme. We foster close collaboration with our partner clients by offering a variety of solutions tailored to their needs and realities, ranging from customer service to technical support, direct sales and online support. We are building a tradition of excellence that allows us to be recognized as a choice partner by the leaders of various industries.

Our desire is to establish and maintain long-term relationships. Long before the launch of a program, we seek to understand your priorities and your customer relations. We get to know your company’s objectives and requirements. These priorities remain in balance with the program’s objectives throughout our involvement.